We’ve used everything from painted walls, white tarps, actual movie screens hanging off metal structures and a few inflatables. We now use only AIRSCREEN inflatable screens in all of our mobile productions for the sheer beauty, durability, safe to use and ease of setup. They are amazing and will blow your crowd away!

AIRSCREEN brand Inflatable Movie Screens
The Outdoor Cinema Network sells AIRSCREEN AERPRO™ brand inflatable screens exclusively. Engineered and time tested for over 20 years while standing as the innovative leaders in outdoor inflatable movie screens. We use the best and we sell the best!

2022 AIRSCREEN AEROPRO ™ is the ideal inflatable solution for mid-sized and smaller events use.

Available sizes (projected picture width x height):

  • 16’x9′ (250 viewers) – $5,195
  • 20’x11′ (500 viewers) – $7,095
  • 24’x13’6″ (750 viewers) – $10,850
  • 30’x17′ (1,200 viewers) – $13,960
  • 40’x22′ (1,500 viewers) – $21,190
  • 52’x26′ (4,000 viewers) – $45,195
  • 66’x33′ (7,000 viewers) – $66,290
  • 80’x40′ (10,000 viewers) – $94,895

Complete inflatable screen only system includes:

  • AEROPRO™ is rated for 25 mph winds and tested to 40mph 50% stronger screen surfaces than other brands so there is little to no “pillowing” effect
  • 30% lighter than other inflatable screens
  • HF welded frame construction lasts longer other screen frames
  • HF welded frame enables higher internal pressures which provide greater frame stability and better screen surface flatness in wind
  • Easy hands-free inflation
  • Puncture-proof – constant air flow prevents deflation if the screen is punctured
  • Super quiet operation
  • Professional front or rear screen surfaces available
  • Comes with all accessories: ten black nylon tethers: heavy-duty carry bag, repair kit, stakes & sledgehammer, easy to use manual
  • 3 Year warranty

Everything you need is here at the OCN. Call or email us today for prices and we will walk you through your entire purchase process.

We offer over 20 years of experience to support your outdoor cinema venture. Have fun and let’s grow together.