Full-service OUTDOOR MOVIE and DRIVE-IN event production.
Setting the standard for over 20 years!

We are a premium audio-video production company trusted by over 150 Colorado and national business brands, city municipalities, schools, retailers, parks and recreation departments, HOA’s, experiential marketing companies, and film festivals.  We’ve been here from the start, continuously perfecting our systems and running trouble-free productions.

We love what we do, and we do it well!

 Our production crews handle all setup, operation, and transport of equipment. We are equipped with the finest in professional audio-video equipment. We run your technical production so you can focus on running your events.

Best looking, highest quality inflatable screens on the planet!

24' AIRSCREEN inflatable screen Denver Center for Performing Arts Outdoor Movie Series


  • Audience size up to 500
  • Complete audio-visual package included
40' AIRSCREEN inflatable screen Golden Outdoor Movie


  • Audience size up to 2000
  • Complete audio-visual package included
  • Best for 150+ car Drive-Ins
16' AIRSCREEN inflatable screen Denver Center for Performing Arts Outdoor Movie Series


  • Audience size up to 75
  • Complete audio-visual package included

We began this journey back in 1995 before DVD’s and screened our creative little film series using 16mm projectors. Outdoors! This event started in Boulder, Colorado creatively promoting, marketing, and producing the entire film series ourselves. Simply put, we have walked in your shoes and know how to give you the support you need. We’ve been doing it the longest and the Boulder Outdoor Cinema lasted for almost 20 years.

We have the finest quality equipment for your outdoor cinema event. Our AIRSCREEN inflatable screens are able to handle the rigors of Colorado weather. While the wind blows some over, ours will stand strong. Our projectors are film festival quality delivering High Definition and our lamps are changed each season so you get the brightest image possible. Your movie will sound the way it was intended with our subwoofers and professional-grade sound systems.

We’re not just your technical equipment vendor. Since we’ve been creating our own events (even before outdoor movies) for more than 20 years, we know how it feels to be you and it shows in the way we take care of you. We are intricately involved in asking the right questions to assure your outdoor cinema event is a calculated success.

What can I say about our team! They are outdoor adventurists, filmmakers, production designers, audio engineers, actors, screenwriters, projectionists, entrepreneurs, and great people to work with. They will become your best ally during your event. Taking care of your every need. We believe we have the best crew out there!

We’re not the lowest price and we’re definitely not the highest. We have found the perfect balance of delivering the highest quality equipment and services to keep you on budget. We also work closely with non-profits and schools to make these events more affordable. Request a quote today.